What Is End-of-life Care Really?

August 23, 2019

So many people don’t have a full understanding of the care options available at the end of life. Hospice can be talked about as if it’s a place, such as another hospital or treatment center, when it’s really care that your senior receives at her home.


Care That Comes to Your Senior

Your senior may have spent a lot of time going to her doctor or even to the hospital. That can get to be a bit much after some time. In fact, your senior might have decided that curative treatments and going through all of these steps is something that she doesn’t want to have to deal with any longer. End-of-life care providers can come to her, helping her with whatever she needs in an environment that is far more comfortable for her.


Care That Makes Certain Procedures Less Scary

Even if your senior isn’t going through curative treatments, some of the therapies that she still needs to use can be scary for her and for you to manage on your own. End-of-life care providers can take the fear out of those issues for both of you. That helps to make relaxing easier for your senior and it can help you to enjoy the time you have left with your senior, too.


It Also Makes Difficult Situations Easier to Manage

There’s so much going on during this stage of your senior’s life. You might find that you aren’t even sure what needs to be handled next or what the right steps are after the ones you’re facing right now. Having someone else there to handle the daily routine tasks that are likely tough for you to deal with can be incredibly beneficial. It also frees you up to put your attention elsewhere.


End-of-life Care Is about Quality of Life

Ultimately the concern is about your senior’s quality of life. Experienced end-of-life care providers are incredibly helpful in helping you and your senior to determine where the biggest needs lie and what’s most important to address right now. If you need additional resources, they can help you to find those. Now is a time when you and your senior might find yourselves dealing with big emotions and difficult conversations.

When you and the rest of the family can get past misconceptions about the options for care available at the end of your senior’s life it’s much easier to avail yourself of those resources.


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