COPD at the End of Your Senior’s Life

August 13, 2019

Dealing with COPD at the end of your senior’s life can be both emotionally and physically taxing for both of you. Almost every activity is much more difficult and it’s difficult to know what to do to help.


Try to Approach the Situation Calmly

Worsening COPD symptoms are upsetting for your senior and for you as well. It’s not usually a surprise for you or for her that she’s nearing the end of her life, but if your emotions are taking over that’s going to make things harder for your senior. Do what you can to take care of yourself so that your senior is able to rest, too.


Your Senior May Overdo It

It’s very possible that your elderly family member is still trying to do a lot more than she should, even with advanced COPD. She may still be trying to struggle through daily activities, even now that they’re much more difficult for her. Especially if she’s using oxygen more often, your senior can expend too much energy all at once and find herself sidelined for the rest of the day.


She’s More Likely to Be Anxious and Depressed

Anxiety and depression are a big part of the emotional impact of COPD. Being unable to breathe easily is a massive part of the problem, but there’s also the knowledge that this only gets worse for your senior as time goes on. Look for ways to manage your senior’s anxiety and depression both in terms of medication and more natural remedies that are within her abilities.


She May Also Be Confused Easily

Confusion is also much more common at the end of your senior’s life. Her body and her brain aren’t getting the oxygen that she needs as easily and that can leave her feeling out of it. This is true even if she’s using oxygen because her body is having a much more difficult time taking in the oxygen that she needs. The calmer that she can stay, the easier it will be for her to use the oxygen that she takes in.


Look into How Hospice Care Can Help

COPD brings complications with it and sometimes equipment that is difficult for you or for your senior to use. She may also be in pain or discomfort from other conditions, which makes everything more difficult. Having help from hospice care providers can ensure that your senior’s needs are met and that her symptoms are managed.


Your senior may have gone through a lot in her battle with COPD over her lifetime. As she nears the end of her life, it’s normal for her to be exhausted and frustrated by how difficult life has become. Hospice services can help you to keep her as comfortable as possible.


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