What Does Hospice Do for Your Senior?

April 10, 2019

When you and your senior both have a full understanding of what hospice can really do for her, you’re more likely to trust the process. Having the right information can help you to determine if this is really the right step for your senior.


She Might Feel More in Control of Her Life

Near the end of her life, your senior may feel very out of control in regards to what she can do, what is happening with her health, and every other little detail. With care from hospice services, your elderly family member is able to focus on what she can still do instead of where her health is failing her. People often wait a long time before finally agreeing to try hospice. Many people who opt for hospice sooner rather than later find that it supports their needs in a way that allows them to enjoy the remaining time they have.


She Might Live Longer and Feel Better Longer

Hospice also helps to manage your elderly family member’s symptoms, which can help her to feel better than she might have with other treatment methods. Curative therapies are often hard on your senior and on her remaining health, which can leave her feeling drained. Hospice therapies are less aggressive and can let her relax and enjoy the time that she has left.


You Can Be a More Effective Caregiver

It’s difficult enough to be a caregiver, but when you factor in end-of-life concerns and major health changes, caregiving becomes even more difficult. Balancing your needs and the needs of your aging family member is far easier when you have the support of hospice care providers. They can help you to get what you need so that you can be that much more effective as a caregiver.


She Can Leave Hospice Care if She Wants

Some seniors believe that once they opt for hospice care, they’re required to stick with it no matter what else happens. But situations change and needs change. Your elderly family member is not locked into hospice services if they no longer meet her needs. She can opt back out of those services to try curative treatments again or whatever else serves her current situation the best.

If you’re ever in doubt about what hospice can or might do for your senior, talk with hospice care providers. They can give you details about how they can help your senior with her specific situation. From there you can work out what parts of her care plan need modifying or adjusting.


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