When Is it Time for a Senior with COPD to Consider Hospice Care?

August 10, 2018

COPD is a progressive ailment with very little chance that your senior is going to suddenly improve. As such, it can be disconcerting for her to see herself slowly getting worse and worse. Moving into a hospice care plan can be the answer for dealing with her COPD, however

She’s Going into the Hospital More Often

People with COPD are extremely susceptible to illnesses and infections, particularly illnesses such as pneumonia. In fact, sometimes pneumonia can become so serious that your elderly family member has to go into the hospital. Start tracking how often your senior is admitted, because when those numbers start increasing, it’s possible that she might benefit from hospice assistance.

She Doesn’t Improve Much After Hospital Stays

Another important factor regarding hospital stays is how well your elderly family member bounces back from them afterward. If you’re finding that she’s not improving as much as she used to, then it’s possible that hospice care is the next step in her care program. Talk with her doctor to determine if this is a concern for your aging adult. It might be a good idea at this point to ease into hospice care.

She’s Constantly Fatigued and it’s Getting Worse

COPD takes a toll on your aging adult every single day. Just the fact that she is aging can leave her a bit fatigued, but fighting for every breath that she takes is even more exhausting. When your elderly family member starts to feel fatigued every minute of every day, it might be time to consider engaging hospice care providers who can help her get through this difficult time.

Tricks from Pulmonary Rehab Aren’t Helping Much

One of the many reasons that pulmonary rehabilitation is important for your senior is that she learns lots of different tips and tricks for conserving energy and for helping her to handle every day as it comes. Your senior may not be applying those lessons and she may be too exhausted to even go to pulmonary rehab now. This can be a sign that she needs the type of help that hospice can provide for her.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and to your senior family member about when it’s time to bring in hospice care providers. This is something that can help your aging family member to manage her energy levels as her COPD worsens, which enables her to focus more on her quality of life.

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