Is Comfort Care Right for Your Senior?

July 23, 2019

Your senior has many more options available at the end of her life than you or she may realize.
She can certainly continue curative treatments and therapies for as long as she’s comfortable doing so. Many aging adults opt to see a kinder and gentler form of treatment at home, though. Often called comfort care, this type of treatment is about keeping her comfortable.


You Want Her Quality of Life Protected

At this stage of your senior’s journey, her quality of life is crucial. Comfort care focuses on doing what helps your senior to feel better no matter what challenges she’s facing. Some days that can mean having someone rub lotion into dry skin while other times it might mean reading her favorite book to her. Your senior’s own definitions can vary as her condition changes, too.


You Want to Respect Her Wishes

Most people at this stage have shared wit family members how they want the last few weeks or months of their life to go. It isn’t always easy for you and other family members to make sure that those wishes are respected on your own. With the help of comfort care services, you’re able to make the connections you need to make.


She Has Specific Medical Needs

Your senior’s medical needs don’t stop just because she’s decided that she wants care at home now. Hospice elder care providers are able to offer both comfort care and assist with the medical needs that your senior still wants actively managed. Dealing with certain medical procedures at home rather than at a doctor’s office or hospital is often far more calming and allows your senior more peace.


Your Family Members Need Support, Too

You and your other family members need help and support, too. There are a variety of emotions and emotional reactions involved in this situation. Ignoring them isn’t going to help. That’s why comfort care prioritizes assisting everyone involved in making sure their emotional needs are met. Dealing with those feelings head on is going to help everyone involved.


Getting the help that you need when your senior is at the end of her life might feel like the most difficult task you’ve undertaken. The hospice elder care providers working with your senior’s care want the best for her, too. They’re there to be the liaison that you need between yourself and her medical providers when you need them to be.


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