Four Reasons to Consider Hospice Now Rather than Later

June 27, 2019

If you’re not sure whether hospice is right for your senior at this stage, her doctor can help you to determine medical necessity. But another factor to consider is how your senior is feeling and interacting with the world around her.


Your Senior Experiences Anxiety

Anxiety is something that your senior might not have battled earlier in her life. Later in life, as her health becomes more and more challenging, your senior might start to feel anxious about leaving home and being in public. This can extend to even necessary events, like appointments with her doctor. As treatments become more complicated, even those can increase your elderly family member’s anxiety to an unpleasant extent.


She’s Tired of Rushing Around

As the demands of your senior’s health increase, she may find that she’s got more and more appointments, treatments, and other demands scheduled. Some of these may be helpful, but some may feel like a waste of time to her. It might be time to sit down and determine which of these therapies and treatments are ones she finds valuable. Through hospice, she may be able to receive some of them at home, where she’s comfortable and not rushed.


She’s Expressed How Tired She Is

Your senior might have started to share with you that she’s tired. That might include physically being tired, but she could be sharing that she’s tired of much more, too. Being out amongst other people can be exhausting, especially if your elderly family member is focused on being cheerful and upbeat when she really feels the opposite.


Her Overall Well-being Is Better at Home

If your senior’s immune system is challenged, she may find that she’s much healthier and happier when she’s able to stay at home more often. You might even find that her health seems to improve, partially because she’s not being exposed to as many germs from other people. With hospice care, you have a lot more control over how many people are around your elderly family member and they all have a vested interest in keeping her well.


Waiting to engage hospice care services for your senior might not be as necessary as you think that it is. This type of care isn’t about hastening your senior’s passing or simply waiting for her to pass. This type of care is about preserving her dignity and her quality of life for as long as possible.


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