What Types of Physical Stress Might Your Senior Experience at the End of Her Life?

July 6, 2018

Physical stressors are a big part of your elderly family member’s experiences at the end of her life. These different physical causes of stress can lead directly into an emotional and mental strain that is difficult to relieve for your senior. Helping her to manage some of these issues can help to lessen the physical impact quite a bit.

Changes to Her Appearance

It’s dramatic for an elderly family member to realize that her appearance is changing rapidly. Aging is a big change in appearance anyway, but as your elderly family member nears the end of her life, she’ll see other changes that can be extremely unnerving for her. This can translate easily into emotional stress and strain.

Trouble with Mobility

Near the end of your senior’s life, she’s likely to have more difficulty with mobility. If she’s been having mobility problems gradually for years, this may not be as dramatic for her. But if she’s been able to get around well up until this point, this can be extremely upsetting for your senior.

Dramatic Changes to Energy Levels

Your senior’s body is exerting a lot of energy in keeping her going right now. As she grows even closer to the end of her life, your elderly family member’s energy levels can sink even lower than they have been. She may be sleeping a lot or activities that she’s enjoyed to this point might take more out of her than they ever have before.

Appetite Changes

Because your elderly family member is not as mobile and she has different energy requirements, her appetite may also change dramatically. She may also develop cravings for particular foods while also developing a distaste for other foods. Her digestive system might not be working as well as it was before and this can all combine to cause her to eat less than you’re comfortable seeing her eat.

Side Effects from Treatments and Procedures

If your elderly family member is battling cancer or other chronic ailments, treatments, procedures, and other medical care can create a lot of different side effects. These can contribute to energy loss, trouble sleeping, and pain. They can also cause a great deal of emotional strain and worry.

Having experienced end-of-life care providers working with you and your elderly family member can help both of you to deal with these challenges. They can help you to find the resources and the tools that you need to make your senior’s remaining time comfortable and peaceful.


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