Managing Pain with Hospice Care and an Open Mind

January 17, 2018

Pain is one of the biggest problems that you might find yourself trying to manage effectively for your loved one at the end of her life. Finding the right combination of pain relief can mean trying a variety of different techniques until you get to the right solution.

Quiet, Restful Atmosphere

For many people in pain, sound and noise can exacerbate those feelings and make the pain seem even worse. That’s the last thing you want for your loved one is for her to experience more pain. Having a quiet and more restful atmosphere can actually help your loved one. Some people enjoy soft music or even nature sounds as a way to create that atmosphere for your loved one.


Massage can be extremely helpful to your loved one when she’s dealing with pain. This doesn’t have to be deep tissue massage at all in order to help with pain. Soothing, fluid massage techniques work very well. Massage can also help with reducing swelling and fluid retention that often contribute to pain for your loved one.

Cuddling or Comforting

You and your family members may find that cuddling with your loved one can help immensely in helping her to feel more comfortable. Family pets are also helpful to get in on the cuddlefest. Hospice care providers can also offer comfort, though, by holding your loved one’s hand or by simply being there with her.

Pain Medications

Pain medication itself may not be a new treatment for your loved one, but it might not work as well as it has for her in the past. It’s possible that another method of administering the pain medication can improve quality of life for your loved one and her hospice care providers can help you to facilitate that for your loved one.

Other Medical Interventions

There are advancements with pain management constantly and your loved one’s hospice care providers have a wide range of experience in finding the right combination to help. Some of these treatments may be ones that your loved one’s doctor hasn’t used before but would be willing to try.

Having additional options gives you and your loved one a wealth of solutions from which to choose when her pain becomes unmanageable.

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