How Can You Create a Comforting Atmosphere in the Later Stages of Your Family Member’s Life?

May 17, 2018

In the later stages of your family member’s life, one of the best things that you can do for her is often to help her to be as comfortable as possible. Try some of these ideas to see how well they work for her needs.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Brighter lighting might be something you consider in order to help your family member see, but it might also hurt her eyes. Softer lighting enables her to see without being jolting to her senses. Consider adding window sheers to diffuse some of the natural light during the day while using gentle lighting sources as daylight fades.

Choose Music She Likes

Music, particularly music that your family member finds pleasing, is an excellent way to help create a positive atmosphere for her. If there is a way to play the music without interruptions, that can be ideal because it allows you to focus your attention elsewhere. Lower the volume so that it’s truly background music and change the selection now and again.

Offer Gentle Touch

Sitting near your family member is another way to help create a comforting atmosphere. When your family member is awake, it’s nice to be there to talk with her, read to her, or just gently share your presence. As you do these things, gently touch her to help her feel more connected with you.

Keep Lip Balm and Water on Hand

As your family member nears the end of her life, it may be more difficult for her to stay hydrated. This can mean that her skin, particularly the skin around her lips, becomes dry and chapped. Keeping cool water and lip balm on hand gives you an easy way to offer water whenever possible and to help her lips stay moisturized.

Consider Using a Temperature and Humidity Monitor

In the later stages of her life, your family member may be more sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. She might find herself cold at times and warmer at other times. Using a temperature and humidity monitor in the room your family member is in can help you to spot conditions that tend to affect her more rapidly than others. You can start to anticipate when she might need an extra blanket or when turning the fan up might help.

Talk to your family member’s hospice care team about what else you can do to create the most comfortable surroundings for your family member. They may have suggestions you can start putting into practice right away that make a big difference for your family member.

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