How Can Palliative Care Help with the End Stages of Skin Cancer?

April 20, 2018

The later stages of skin cancer can be a frightening time for you and for your family member. If your loved one is experiencing a wide range of different symptoms and issues, this time can be even more difficult for all of you. Seeking help from palliative care providers can offer so much assistance during this tie.


Managing Pain

Pain is an unfortunate accompaniment to all sorts of cancers, but also for skin cancer. Finding ways to manage your family member’s pain that allow her to rest comfortably is extremely important. Palliative care providers have quite a few options that they can turn to with the help of her medical team in order to help her to get her pain under control.


Managing Fatigue or Insomnia

In the later stages of skin cancer, you and your family member may start to notice that she’s feeling more and more tired. Resting is an obvious solution, of course, but there may be some other therapies that palliative care providers can recommend. The flip side is that your family member may want to sleep and be unable to do so. There may be solutions for that, too.


Helping with Eating Issues or Nausea

Toward the final stages of your loved one’s skin cancer battle, she may find that she’s not hungry or that she’s feeling nauseated more frequently. There may be other options to help her to get the nutrients that she needs or that can help her to leave the nausea behind.


Offering Comfort of All Sorts

Quality of life for someone in the final stages of skin cancer can mean that her physical needs and her emotional needs are all being met. This could be as simple as having palliative care providers available to offer companionship when your family member needs it the most.


Supporting Caregivers

Besides helping your loved one, palliative care providers can help you as well. Emotional support and bereavement help are a key component of helping you to deal with what you’re experiencing as a caregiver. Your family member’s palliative care team becomes another part of her overall care team, which includes you and the rest of the family.

Having palliative care providers available at the end stages of your loved one’s skin cancer battle can help all of you to feel more at ease with what’s happening. As your family member’s needs change, so to can the treatment options that palliative care is able to provide.


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