Four Things to Know if Your Senior Wants Cremation

September 13, 2019

How your senior wants her remains to be handled is deeply personal and might take more time to narrow down than you both might realize. Cremation is one option of many and it’s something that your senior might have some serious thoughts about.


Her Final Wishes

The biggest “need to know” for you right out of the gate is what your senior wants to be done with her remains. Cremation may be as far as she’s gotten, but there are questions for after cremation, too. It’s best to find out if she has expectations for her ashes for afterward so that you know for sure. Some people want their urns buried or they want their ashes scattered. Some people even want their ashes divided amongst family members. Make sure that you ask your senior to be as specific as possible.


Whether Other Family Members Want to Be Involved

Other family members might want to be a part of either the scattering ceremony or even holding onto some of your senior’s remains. This can be a complicated set of circumstances and it’s definitely something that you need to talk to your family members and to your senior about. Whatever your senior wants may have to override some of the wishes of other family members, particularly if your senior wants all of her remains to be placed somewhere specific together.


What State and Local Laws Have to Say

Something else to consider is what local and state laws have to say about your senior’s plans. Some of the ideas she may have become excited about might not be as possible as she believes. It’s a good idea to do a bit of digging before you make any promises to your senior. This is something that hospice elder care providers can help you to dig further into, as well.


What Feels Right for You Both

Once you have an idea what your senior wants to have happen with her remains you can do more to make that possible for her. Scattering remains on private property is usually something that can happen without any need for permission or permits, so that’s something to consider. There are also lots of different ways that you can preserve your elderly family member’s ashes for family members and for yourself.

Cremation can be appealing because of the various options available with it, but that can also be what complicates the idea of cremation. Be sure to explore as many of those options as possible, particularly if your senior is willing to talk with you about what she wants.


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