Four Ways to Support a Senior as She Nears the End of Her Life

December 12, 2018

Part of your duties as a family caregiver has always been about supporting your senior family member as she deals with different aspects of her situation. That’s not different as she nears the end of her life, either.


Talk about What She Wants to Talk About

Some aging family members who are near the end of life want to talk about what’s happening, but others don’t. Ultimately it’s a better idea to go with whatever your senior seems to want in this situation. Talking may help her to deal with some of her lingering fears, but if you try to force the conversation when she’s not ready, that can be traumatic.


Listen More than Anything Else

During this stage of your senior’s life, it’s important that you’re doing a lot of listening. When she’s ready and able to talk about specific topics, you definitely don’t want to miss them. It’s vital that you’re not putting your preferences ahead of those of your elderly family member. Her needs and wants are what is important right now.


Keep Dignity at the Front of Your Mind

This point of your senior’s life is often filled with indignities. She may need to use a bedpan now or she may have to have help to get to the bathroom every time that she goes. There is a lot about her life that is no longer within her control at all. Allow her to do what she can for as long as she can. This gives her a bit of her dignity and power back, even if that’s in a small way.


Make Her Surroundings Peaceful

A chaotic environment is not the right one for anyone at this stage of the game, but it’s especially not helpful for your aging family member. Do what you can to ensure that the surroundings are peaceful and pleasant. That can mean different things at different times, too. Your senior might find watching her favorite comedy movies to be the kind of peace she’s craving. Whatever works to create the peace that she needs is the peace you’re aiming to achieve.


All of this is much easier to do if you have some help. Hospice elder care providers can fill a variety of gaps in the assistance you’ve already got. They can also help you to figure out what else you and your senior need in order to give her the most support possible.


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