Four Situations that Indicate You Need Respite Time

October 17, 2019

For many caregivers, respite seems like something that shouldn’t be a regular situation. It’s something to turn to in an emergency or when there are no other solutions for you to turn to. But that’s not entirely the case


Your Senior Needs a Lot More Help

As much as you want to be able to do and be everything for your senior, that’s just not always possible. Your senior’s needs are likely to far outpace what you can do for her on your own and that’s not something for you to feel bad about. When you have experienced help that you can lean on during those times, it makes life easier and you’re more confident that your senior has what she needs.


Your Weekly Schedule Is Wearing on You

You’re human and there are more people counting on you than just your senior. This means that your daily and weekly schedule is probably packed to the absolute brim. No one can keep running at full speed for an indeterminate amount of time. You need to be able to stop and take a breath, even if what that means is that you’re handing some tasks over on a regular basis. Home care providers can help with errands as well as tasks that make your senior’s life easier and safer. That can free up your time.


You’re in Need of a Break

Beyond just delegating tasks, sometimes you need an actual break from everything. Taking respite time can do that for you. Whether you opt to experience respite as a week away or as an afternoon to yourself, this is valuable time that allows you to recharge yourself and to completely rest from the demands of caregiving.


You Need to Pay Attention to Your Health Issues

Something else to consider is that you may have or develop your own health issues. That’s something that caregivers don’t really like to think about, but it’s certainly something that can happen. If you haven’t been keeping up with your health up to this point, it’s time for you to change your approach. You’re going to need to schedule doctor’s appointments for yourself and focus on what you need to be doing in order to be healthy.


Respite care can help you in a variety of different situations. It’s not a replacement for you as a caregiver. Respite is a tool that allows you to be a better caregiver all the way around.


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