Cancer Patients and End-of-life Treatment Options

August 8, 2019

Cancer takes a huge toll on your senior and on the people who love her. As she nears the end of her life, it’s important to have as many different care options available to her as possible. Hospice care options also help you and other family members to be there for your senior in the way that you truly want to be.


Symptom Management Is Key

There is a myriad of symptoms your senior is going to face near the end of her cancer fight. The biggest might be pain, but there’s also nausea, trouble eating, and insomnia to manage. People who know what works when fighting these sorts of issues can shortcut the troubleshooting process for you and your senior. It is going to be much less stressful on your senior to know exactly what to try.


Feeling in Charge of Something Helps

So much of your senior’s experience with cancer is completely out of her control. Even with help, your elderly family member may not be able to control what happens to her because of cancer, but she can feel as if she has more control over the individual choices she makes. Giving your senior as much choice as you can is incredibly important for her emotional and mental well-being.


Emotional Support Matters

When you’re stressed, it affects your senior and her mood. The same happens in reverse, too. Having the emotional support that both of you need is a vital part of her care plan. If you’ve got a solution in place, it gives you a chance to focus on what she needs most right at that moment. Your elderly family member might benefit from spiritual counseling or traditional talk therapy to help her to deal with what’s happening.


Time with Friends and Family Helps

You and other family members spend a lot of time physically caring for your senior. With the help of hospice elder care providers, they can handle the practical aspects and tasks while you and family members can spend more quality time with your elderly family member. This can be crucial as all of you deal with anticipatory grief.

Hospice elder care helps you and your senior both to manage her needs at the end of her battle with cancer. There are so many different factors that you might not even know can become an issue. Having assistance from people who have experience is so important.


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