What Are Some of the Ways You Can Provide Comfort to Your Senior at the End of Her Life?

March 8, 2018

Near the end of your elderly family member’s life, you may feel out of touch with what she wants or needs. At this stage, you as her family caregiver may need to shift your focus to more of a comforting approach. These ideas might help.


Talk to Her

The sound of your voice can be so very comforting to your elderly family member. Just let her know that you’re there and that all is well. If you’re not sure what to talk with her about, try reading a favorite book to her. This can help you to feel calmer, too, especially when you’re not sure what else you can do.


Hold Her Hand

A big part of offering comfort is simply touching someone else. Your senior may not be able to talk or respond to you in the ways that she always has, but feeling your touch can be incredibly soothing for her. Between your touch and the sound of your voice, you may cover most of the comfort bases for your senior.


Keep Her Warm

It can become more difficult for your elderly family member to regulate her own body temperature toward the end of her life. Having warm blankets nearby gives you something to cover her with quickly, but they’re also easy to remove if she starts to get too warm. Try to avoid electric blankets as those can get too hot very quickly.


Reassure Her that You’re There

Even if you’re busy with other obligations, it’s nice for your senior to know that you’re there with her. Make it a point to check in on her when you’re busy in other areas of the house. Gently touch her hand or another part of her body that is accessible and talk to her in a soothing tone of voice.


Check the Humidity in the Room

If your loved one has breathing issues, it’s a good idea to monitor the humidity levels in the room often. Using a humidifier or a dehumidifier as needed can help you to get the right balance of humidity in the room. This can be incredibly helpful if your senior is having difficulty breathing or can’t get comfortable.

Having a palliative care team available can help you immeasurably while you’re trying to provide as much comfort as possible to your loved one. Lean on them for help when you’re just not sure what to do.

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